Sunday Adult Education


Gather in the conference room for an ongoing small group study.

10:00am – Education Hour

 Beginning March 12th

Songs of Jesus: the Psalms
Jesus referred to the psalms throughout his ministry, including up to his final words on the cross. Alice Yamanishi will lead this study in Room 3.
Lenten Discipline: An Environmental Challenge
Lent is traditionally a time for greater discipline in our lifestyles in order to focus more on God’s priorities. In this class we will share a Lenten discipline from a book called Eggs and Ashes. Each week, we will share ideas on environmentally appropriate actions that people can follow for that week. Various presenters, mostly from our congregation, will share their passion and practical ideas about things that we can do. Some are quite small things, some are more challenging. Some are actions that you could do as a family or household, some are individual. You may well be doing some already. Join us to learn how you can take care of God’s gift of a beautiful world. Facilitated by Dr. Chris Hasegawa and meets in Fellowship Hall.