Pipe Organ

FPC Monterey’s instrument is a brand new reproduction by Schoenstein & Co. of a Murray M. Harris organ. Its pipework is comprised about 90 percent from Murray M. Harris Opus 91 of 1912, in addition to several stops from Opus 83 of 1911. Except for this original pipework, every other part of the organ is new. The entire organ is under expression, with Great and Pedal in one chamber and Swell in the other. The console is a reproduction of the Murray M. Harris style of the period. To give it added flexibility, the console is equipped with modern playing aids of the Peterson ICS system and a third manual that draws mainly solo stops from the Great and Swell. Installation was completed in February 2017 and presented in a recital on May 6, 2017.

Stop List

Video tour of an organ chamber