World Mission

Why we support Presbyterian World Mission

For over 175 years, Presbyterian missionaries have planted churches, built hospitals, and started schools on every continent. The seeds sown by those missionaries have, in many places, developed into self-sustaining churches and institutions now led by local Christians. In fact, more than 94 million Christians around the world now belong to churches that were founded or co-founded by PC(USA) missionaries.

Today, nearly 200 mission co-workers in approximately 50 countries are engaged in vital ministries of sharing faith and working against poverty and violence.

Supporting Presbyterian World Mission offers a witness to Jesus Christ in today’s world by addressing the root causes of poverty, transforming communities, and engaging in ministries of reconciliation.


FPC Monterey Supports PC(USA) Mission Co-Workers


Luta & Jeremy Garbat-Welch, Malawi

Both children of missionaries in Africa, Luta and Jeremy had a natural calling to mission service. As Africa Community Health Facilitator, Luta advises partners on community health and development programs in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Malawi, South Sudan, and Zambia. She promotes the development of Community Health Evangelism programs, an initiative that brings people together around priorities of evangelism, community health, and discipleship. From her home base in Malawi, Luta makes periodic visits to the other four countries and help partners in each country learn from one another. Jeremy is a trained chaplain and, in addition to taking care of their two sons, is exploring opportunities to use his skills with the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian which has expressed great interest in chaplaincy training.


Shelvis & Nancy Smith-Mather, South Sudan

Shelvis and Nancy are clergy working with RECONCILE, (Resource Centre for Civil Leadership), an indigenous ecumenical Christian organization. It promotes “peace building” by providing training in trauma recovery, conflict transformation, and civic education. RECONCILE’s activities are in areas of high inter-ethnic conflict, with the churches often being the typical point of entry into these communities. Shelvis serves as the principal of the RECONCILE Peace Institute, which offers three-month courses in community-based trauma healing as well as peace studies and conflict transformation. Nancy is the Project Manager for the South Sudan education and peace building project, developing peace and advancing education. They have a son, Jordan, daughter, Addie, and brand new baby Nicole.



Presbyterian Education Board, Pakistan

PEB’s purpose is to provide high quality education to children in Punjab Province, informed by and rising out of Christian values and Christian roots. Executive Director Veeda Javaid has visited FPC Monterey several times, and through her encouragement, we’ve supported the building and furnishing of classrooms in the Christian Girls School in Martinpur, as well as provided many scholarships for students.

A Day in the Life of a Child
Traveling to Martinpur



Synod Mission Giving

In the Presbyterian form of governance, the synod is the level of administration between the local presbytery and the national general assembly. Our Synod of the Pacific serves the local churches and presbyteries through a savings and loan program, as well as serving the national denomination by providing financial support to a variety of mission projects.


Theological Scholarships for Women in Guatemala

IzabalLeadersMany women in the National Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Guatemala would like to study theology, but most need some assistance to do so. This fund provides such assistance to women to begin or continue their studies. The hope is that through their theological studies, the women will be better prepared to serve as teachers, pastors, and leaders within their churches and Presbyterian Women groups.

 Near East School of Theology, Lebanon

2616845504_4bafeaf6d4_oN.E.S.T. is a Protestant Seminary serving the evangelical churches of the Middle East. The primary purpose of the School is to train women and men for pastoral ministry in the churches and other evangelical organizations in the Middle East. N.E.S.T. also provides continuing education or pastors, church workers and laypeople.

 Christmas Joy Offering

This offering collected during Advent helps provide financial assistance to current and former church workers and their families and also enables deserving students to attend Presbyterian-related racial ethnic colleges and schools.

Good Shepherd School, Haiti


Good Shepherd School is in Pele, an impoverished community on the outskirts of Cité Soleil. Since the devastating earthquake of 2010, FPC Monterey has supported the rebuilding of 10 classrooms and an ecologically sustainable latrine, providing education, health and dignity to the 1600 students who attend the school.

Jane Pappenhagen, Wycliffe Bible Translators

Jane2-180x180Jane grew up attending FPC Monterey and followed her call to mission work as a Wycliffe Bible Translator in Papua New Guinea for many years. Most recently, she was traveling back and forth to Thailand teaching English. She now resides in Dallas where she publishes a newsletter for Wycliffe, and cares for elderly mission workers in a Wycliffe retirement facility.

Living Water for World Missions

FPC Monterey members and friends receive training to install clean water filtration systems in impoverished communities around the world. FPC Monterey mission teams partner with local community leaders in constructing the system, and in health and hygiene education. FPC Monterey has installed clean water systems in Ecuador, Peru, and Guatemala.

Ministry of Hope, Malawi

day-careThe core mission of Ministry of Hope is to nurture the spiritual lives of children who face a harsh and difficult existence on their own. Ministry of Hope has developed a variety of programs for orphaned and vulnerable children, and the communities in which they live, with a goal of addressing their basic needs. There’s a mobile medical clinic in communities that would otherwise have limited access to any form of medical care, as well as feeding centers for orphans in six villages in the central region of Malawi. Ministry of Hope also cares for some of the smallest orphans in Malawi with two Crisis Nurseries. Additionally, Ministry of Hope runs a per-school for children under the age of five, and, since there is no free education after the 8th grade, provides scholarships to orphans to continue their education through high school.

Ark of the Rainbow, India

ArkFundraiserSlideshow_005(pp_w768_h512)Started by Dana Allen (who grew up attending FPC Monterey) and his wife Christine, Ark of the Rainbow is a pre-K-1st grade school and community center serving the slum of Bangalore. Ark of the Rainbow provides education, college scholarships, life skills training, healthcare, and counseling services to families living in extreme poverty.

Theological Education Fund

Our eleven PC(USA) seminaries count on denomination-wide support to fulfill the ministries we Presbyterians require of them—educating transformational leaders who can preach, teach, pray, counsel, and serve in bearing witness to the Gospel.

Fair Trade Coffee and Chocolate

Once a month following our Sunday worship services, you can purchase Equal Exchange coffee and chocolate. Fair trade is a way of doing business that ultimately aims to keep small-scale farmers an active part of the world marketplace, and aims to empower consumers to make purchases that support their values. And it all tastes delicious!

Alternative Gift Market

In November, we offer an alternative to the commercial Christmas shopping season. We sell beautiful fair trade jewelry, scarves, ornaments, coffee, chocolate, and other items from around the world, as well as bus passes and gas vouchers for local homeless men and women that can be given in honor of that person who has everything.

One Great Hour of Sharing

This offering collected during Lent enables the church to share God’s love with our neighbors-in-need around the world by providing relief to those affected by natural disasters, provide food to the hungry, and helping to empower the poor and oppressed.

Healthy Women, Healthy Families

Every spring, FPC Monterey sells Mother’s Day cards that support a wide range of PC(USA) programs aimed as alleviating the poverty and suffering of women and children in developing nations: primary and pre-primary education, prenatal and essential obstetric services, trauma healing and psychosocial support, early-childhood health and nutrition programs, health and hygiene education, food security, and fistula repair surgery.