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There are many ways to reach out to others in need.We hope one or more of the First Pres projects here will match well with your personal interests and gifts for service in Christ’s name.

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Crafting A Holy Place

Last Sunday we had an opportunity to go and hear our new organ! It was fantastic and over a hundred people attended the reception. If you look around on Sunday you’ll see lots of changes. Our final inspection is scheduled for Tuesday and then things will really be moving along. Keep praying for an easy path forward. 

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International Day of Peace Lecture
September 21st • 7:00pm

Abraham Lincoln: Religion And American Politics Then and Now.
 Join us for a lecture and conversation given by Dr. David Tucker, Senior Fellow at Ashbrook Center, Ashland, Ashland, Ohio, Associate Director of Master of Arts in American History and Government , Professor of Defense Analysis, N.P.S., Retired
(For preparation read Lincoln’s 2nd Inaugural Address)